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Hi speedlever
It's pretty much what the OP said. The shifter doesn't want to go past N. I have to go up and down several times between P and N before it will go into D and then do some more wiggling if I want to get it into 2 or 1. Once I got it in gear, I ran some errands and it worked ok the couple of times I stopped and restarted. The next morning I had the problem again. It's been only 5k mi since I changed the trans fluid and the level is good and seemed clear. I haven't done anything yet but was considering changing the trans fluid again. I normally do a drain and refill every 10k mi.

ETA: '07, 275k mi, owned since '11

I am experiencing exact same shifting issues with my recently purchased 2007 RT with 159,000 miles.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts