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This is my first post and I'm hoping to get some purchase advice. I've nailed my search to 2 Ridgelines, a 2020 RTL with 24000 miles, and a 2019 RTL-E with 17500 miles. The asking price for each vehicle is very close, about $34,500. I'm leaning toward the 2019 due to it having blindside monitoring and NAV. Are there any other pro's and con's to each??? Thanks in advance for any input received.
Either is a good choice and you're lucky to have found them. I recently bought a 2022 RTL and it has the blindspot monitoring,so I would first verify if the 2020 really has it or not. I steered away from the RTL-E simply because I don't need a super premium sound OR navigation system (Old-school). The blind-spot monitoring wouldn't have been a deal maker 0r deal breaker, but since using it for 6 months I think it's a great feature! gives a visual warning of nearby objects while and adds audible warnings when either in motion or when signaling to change lanes or turn, this is very helpful as You don't want to always be glancing at the warning lights. sometimes lighting conditions make them hard to see anyway. I would not put too much weight on those additional safety features but rather on the overall condition of the vehicle. I tend to keep and drive my vehicles for multiple decades therefore I want to start as fresh as possible. Best of luck!
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