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Hi Folks! it's been awhile since I posted (late 2015, but whose counting :wink:)

Well....I've had a set of "Stampede Chrome Window Visors" on my 2006 Ridge almost from day 1. I love, love them and they are still in Perfect condition except......,
the driver's window visor got damaged in the shop. The owner tried his best to find a replacement set for me, Nothing. I did my best too. I even called Stampede asking if they would custom order one. Answer, No.
Now I don't know What to do :frown:

Then a lightbulb went off. I thought about my fellow Ridge owners.
I'm wondering maybe? Someone here might have a driver's side Chrome visor from a broken up set, or from a set you took off your own truck? (My fingers are sooo crossed).

I know asking this is a BIG Shot in the Dark, but where else can I turn to?

Here's a pic of my truck b4 the damage occured, with all it's Bling (in tact)

Please Help if You can. Suggestions are welcome as well.
Thanks, Rob


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