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WTB: Full size Spare tire

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I never have liked the doughnut spare tires. I'm looking to replace mine (2012 RTS) with a full size (P245/65 R17) and prefer to have a matching alloy wheel. Any recommendations, any one have a used one for sale. I live in Tucson Az?
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Check the Trading Post and see if an Admin will move this over there as a WTB thread. Plus you've got your 25 posts so you can now start listing the stuff you want to unload.

Also check your local craigslist, and they are usually on ebay.

I got one local from a member about an hr + away a few years back...
Thanks for info. I just tried to post a FS and system would not let me.
You can usually find them on ebay too. Just do a search on "Honda ridgeline wheel oem"
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