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XM and Playboy radio??

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I'm debating about purchasing XM for my RL. I'm still in the trial phase and while it's neat, I'm suprised at how many signal drops I get. It seems worse on some channels than other. I think the biggest reason I would buy it is just so I wouldn't have a button in my truck that doesn't work.

At any rate, I got a flyer in the mail from XM and it list Playboy radio as an option :rolleyes: . I just have to laugh. Doesn't that strike anyone else as completely stupid? Does anyone have it? What on earth do they play? If I do decided to purchase, I'm definatly going to have to try it out just to satify my curisoity. Off course, it would be purely to listen to the "articles" :D .
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Maybe there is an 'extra' signal sent so that can only be decoded by the radio with the Navi screen!! :D :D

I agree, Playboy radio just doesn't make any sense.
On XM's web site it said that the Playboy channel was being discontinued. I looked on the site again but couldn't find the link. I am positive that is what the site said earlier in the month.
Yup. Playboy is going away soon, as well as a few others. I agree that Playboy on the radio is kinda silly. Anyway... If you are a music fan, XM is very cool. I've had it for a couple years, and couldn't imagine going without it. Check out They have very active boards covering all aspects of the service.
after XM radio in a rural area with only three stations there is no going back.

Playboy on the radio? That is just an accident waiting to happen :D

After you have swerved off the road into a tree, I can just here the cop ask:

"Where were your hands son?"
a_vdk said:
I can just here the cop ask:
"Where were your hands son?"

I think I know what you would say.

"Im buckling my seat belt officer"

Lol - I just had to get that in there. No offence. I just remember the thread "How do you get rid of this annoying seat belt beeping noise" or something like that.
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