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That is Yet Another New Ridgeline Report

Picked up my MSM RTL-E today and my tailgate failed before I left the dealer! I did try pulling up on it and that worked - just once. I will bring it to the local dealer next week.

The stop and shake issue was noticeable. For me at least, a hard stop only shows a small amount, a limo stop also very small, but with a "normal" stop it is more noticeable. Note I did not say worrisome or bothersome, just noticeable. I suspect I will get used to it as a normal characteristic very quickly.

Everything else on the vehicle is great so far. Android auto has failed to connect sometimes but changing the cable fixed it, at least so far. AA worked great for Spotify and Nav even in areas of poor signal. I only lost signal once but it had apparently cached enough nav data that I never lost nav.

I put about 180 miles on it coming over the Cascades from the dealer over somewhat winding roads along the river canyons. It handled it with grace in every way and a bit better than the G1 going the other way. I love the driver assists. Once you get used to them they are super, damn near magical. It is interesting that they are very clearly assists, not more than that, but used as such they are wonderful so far.

My impression is that it handles cornering on winding roads at a bit higher speeds than the G1, but maybe it is just me.

FYI, the only other defect I have found is the rear window gasket which stuck out a bit on the left upper side. One minute with a soft ended tool fixed that. Interesting that the only two defects were ones already mentioned on the forum! Of course, I may find more with time, but I looked pretty hard. I did look for the hesitation that some have seen on acceleration from a slow speed/turning. I would not say I saw nothing but if what I saw was what folks are talking about, it is a non-issue, IMHO. Certainly not a safety hazard if it is what I saw, which was maybe a second lag that seemed more transmission than engine.

So the short version is that I love the vehicle so far with a few minor quibbles (D4 is too easy to hit by accident, for example) and of course the stupid tailgate issue. The good news on that is Honda will be buried by warranty service on this so I would expect a TSB and decent fix fairly quickly. In that sense it is actually better than if this was just a random occasional problem. Clearly it can be resolved as the G1 worked mostly OK.

I am going to try some interior night shots tonite and will post them here and the photo thread if they come out OK.
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Congratulations on the new purchase! Unfortunately, I had to leave for Chicago on a work trip almost immediately after purchasing mine, so I haven't had the time to really test and enjoy it. This week will be a very telling week as the Ridgeline and I hit the road to TN.
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