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Your carry rig for the big SUP

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How are you carrying that 11'6" stand-up-paddleboard?
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Looking forward to the responses. My plan for a 14' kayak is to have a rear tower fabbed that bolts up to the rear tie down points and then utilize the factory roof rack (back bar) for the front of the kayak.
...I thought you were talking about the Sport Utility Pickup...:wink:

Until the aftermarket comes out with a suitable rack system, you could probably rig up something using U-channel bolted to the tie-down points. With the U-channel, you should be able to easily rig up a cross-beam at cab (roof rail) height.
Also interested to see some answers here. I have a 10'6" SUP that for the time being has been transported locally with a tailgate pad and padding in the front of the bed. I'd like a more secure solution for when I travel distances but the the tailgate pad does seem to work fairly well. Here's the one I have...

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Perhaps its not very helpful to say, but went with inflatable SUPs for this very reason, some pretty nice ones. You give up some stability and speed, but saved $2k on a Yakima trailer, some awkward moving, and some say it's more comfy for alternative uses like laying out on the lake... also easier to store for the winter.
Looks as if the cartopper by Thule should work OK
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