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Just picked up my ridgeline
2006 Ridgeline 1st Generation
2006 Ridgeline 1st Generation
Here’s a few pics of my Raptor Lined 07 Ridgeline
This is my 2006 RL. I take a lot of photos! Follow me on Instagram" @ruyjin_rts
This version is the RTL but here in Mexico does not come with the navigation system, it comes with the multidisc stereo and FM radio, just what i need. I have not made many modifications, only a 2" lift kit and bigger tires, I installed a Kenwood VHF radio for the offroad races so my wife can...
2006 Ridgeline Navi Package, built in Canada - Sold in States - Lives back in the North.
2012 Ridgeline RTL
New Lomax Diamond Plate Tonneau Cover.
Evening shot