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Bob's 3.7L M90 Supercharged Build

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Here is my current progress. Going to use the stock intake mani spacer to keep the torque curve low. Already have KTuner and Bisimoto is gonna take care of the actual tuning.

305hp on tap will be a HUGE improvement. :grin:


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I have about 42k miles on the truck and it runs flawlessly. I need power like dudes need chicks with big racks hahaha

I've modded every car I've ever had. When I'm done with the truck, it will drive just like new, but with more power. In the past I've had boosted cars, different engine swaps and have built plenty of Transmissions. I love Hondas and I will push the envelope with the Ridgeline at least in naturally aspirated form.
Very cool project. I wish I had the knowledge to take on a project like this. I can do brakes, struts, plugs, and that kinda thing...but this is a little outta my league.

So, whatta ya gonna do with the "old" motor with 42k miles on it? You can take the engine out of my '06, that has almost 190k on it, and install your old engine in it if you want another project. Heck, I'd even help and supply all the beer...! :act024:
1 - 1 of 289 Posts
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